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The NJFOA-Central Jersey Chapter is comprised of the East and the West Regions.  The Chapter and Regional Officers are displayed on this page.

2024 Officers

Chapter President

John Becker

Regional Vice Presidents

East - Benny Rivera

West - Mark Beckman

Chapter Secretary

Pete Mangarella

Chapter Treasurer

Bruce Cronauer

Regional Secretary-Treasurers

East - Bruce Cronauer

West - Andrew Horun

Regional Members-at-Large

East - Bryan Scipio

West - Simon Sikora

Chapter Representative to NJFOA

Dave Race

Chapter Chief Rules Interpreter

Steve Citro

East - Steve Citro

West - Dave Race

Chapter Immediate Past President

Pete Mangarella

Chapter Eligible Past Presidents

Robert Varju

Thomas Paulikas

John Becker

Chapter Cadet Supervisor

Dave Race

Chapter Law Member

Ryan E. Gallagher

Communications should be addressed to:

Chapter Secretary:

Pete Mangarella

73 Ochs Ave.

Milltown, NJ 08850

Phone: 908 307-0170

Requests for the assignment of officials, information concerning the availability of officials, and communications relating to assigning should be addressed to the following Assignors:

Varsity Game Assignors

Big Central Football Conference

Mark Bitar

Sub-Varsity Game Assignors

Big Central Football Conference

Mark Bitar

Webmaster:  Bill Fleming

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