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Welcome to the NJFOA-Central Jersey Chapter

The NJFOA (New Jersey Football Officials Association) is a organization dedicated to serving the central New Jersey area with High School football officials.

Why Become a Football Official?

Be involved first hand in the game up close and personal.  Become a positive role model to young adults.  Build relationships and make lifelong friends.  These are just a few reasons to become a high school football official.


As an official, you have to deal with stress and pressure and make split-second decisions.


Are you qualified and able?  Officiating is a very demanding avocation.

  • Are you physically fit?

  • You are constantly moving.

  • You may work outside in the elements. It can be hot, cold, and raining.

  • Are you emotionally fit?

  • Do you take criticism well?

  • Can you stay calm under pressure?

  • Can you commit time to officiating?

  • During the season, you may need to be off work mid-afternoon

  • You will be required to study the rules both during the season and off-season to fully understand them.

How Do You Get Started?

So, you've thought about it and you're ready for the challenge.  Review the Cadet Program Requirements HERE If you have questions, contact the Cadet Training Supervisor using the contact information below.  He will be in touch with you to any questions you may have.


Dave Race

203 Vista Drive

Easton, PA  18042

610 704-0158 (Cell)

Apply Today! You won't regret your decision.

NJFOA - Central Jersey Chapter Application

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2022 Cadet Class Schedule

Location:  TBD

Time:  7 - 9 PM

Meet & Greet Meeting - Late January 2022

Week 1:    March 2, 2022

Week 2:    March 9, 2022

Week 3:    March 16, 2022

Week 4:    March 23, 2022

Week 5:    March 30, 2022

Week 6:    April 6, 2022

Week 7:    April 20, 2022

Week 8:    April 27, 2022

Week 9:    May 4, 2022

Week 10:  May 11, 2022

Week 11:  May 18, 2022

Week 12:  May 25, 2022

NJSIAA Pre-Test - Early June 2022

NJSIAA State Test - Late June 2022