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The NJFOA-Central Jersey Chapter is comprised of the Mercer, Raritan, and the Skylands Districts.  The Chapter and District Officers are displayed on this page.

2017 Officers

Chapter Chairman

Raritan - Jim Schmale

Mercer - Paul Pintella

Skylands - Robert Varju

District Vice Chairman

Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Mercer - Larry Gunnell

Raritan - Bruce Cronauer

District Secretary-Treasurers

District Members-at-Large

Mercer - Tom Carr

Raritan - Venancio Rivera

Skylands - John Ponzuric

Chapter Representative to NJFOA

Chapter Chief Interpreter

Mercer - Merkle Cherry

Skylands - Dave Race

Chapter Immediate Past Chairman

Chapter Eligible Past Chairmen

John Zorzi

Chapter Cadet Training Supervisor

Chapter Law Member

Communications should be addressed to:


Vincent Boccanfuso

35 Great Oak Rd.

Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

Phone: 609 587-4568(H)

Requests for the assignment of officials, information concerning the availability of officials, and communications relating to assigning should be addressed to the following Assignors:

Varsity Game Assignors

Greater Middlesex Conference

Mid-State 38 & Mercer

District Sub-Varsity Game Assignors

Mercer - James Wilno

Skylands - Joe Shaw

Raritan - David Sandaal

Webmaster:  Bill Fleming

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